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Where God reigns and Jesus is Lord!

2322 S. Main

Perryton, TX  79070


Victory Family CHURCH


Love God and love each other according to the Word of God.

Is determined by how effectively we empower people to find their own place of ministry so that they may be God’s expression of life, love, and power on earth.

You have just as much right to step into the presence of God Almighty as Jesus has.                        –John G. Lake                       Hebrew 10:16    




To be a group of people who freely express their love for God through a rejoicing heart.  Singing, clapping, and shouts of joy with upraised hands is only a small expression of our passion.  We will be passionate about our pursuit of God and about experiencing the joy and healing power of His presence as we worship Him and allow His Spirit to fill our lives.


Create connection points for members and those who attend so they can get involved, grow closer to God and develop healthy relationships with others.

To be God’s expression of life, love, and power by:  helping each person discover a greater quality of LIFE through a personal relationship with Christ and bringing them into maturity through a revelation of the LOVE of God.

“For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

                        Romans 10:13                                                     Romans 10:13